Amped Classics

Amped Classics converted vehicles

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Amped Classics is a bespoke conversion company that focuses on preserving the character of the classics they convert. Not beholden to any one brand, they’ve worked on converting Alfa Romeos, Volvos, and even a Hispano-Suiza. Yes, that’s a thing.

It’s first conversion, a Series 2 Alfa Romeo Spider, was tastefully refurbished inside and out. Set in Wimbledon White with silver rims, this unassuming vehicle now features a common and powerful motor for electric car conversions of it’s size: the NetGain Hyper9. The NetGain Hyper9 is an AC motor that puts out 88kW of power when supplied with it’s maximum of 132 Volts and 760 Amps.

The original Spider’s engine was 98kW, and with the conversion ending in the stock weight of the original Spider even with 18kWh of Nissan Leaf batteries, the new powertrain is a comparative match. Amped Classics note’s on their Instagram that “It will probably go 80 mph, but these cars are most fun under 50 mph on curvy backroads.” And to get those electrons flowing? From the Amped Classics Instagram: the caption “Never thought I’d be installing Prius parts into an Alfa.” when showing off the Prius Adjustable Throttle pedal assembly.

Since their first conversion, they are working on additional conversions – including a 1924 Hispano-Suiza H6B! Now, if you’ve never heard of a Hispano-Suiza, you aren’t alone. It turns out it’s a Spanish car company who made luxury vehicles pre-WWII. And now, 96 years later, this one is getting it’s guts carefully removed and preserved, to be replaced by a stack of batteries with an electric motor underneath. It’s a configuration not unlike the original, and unlike most other conversions, the unusual decision to stack the batteries vertically makes sense given the original configuration of the automobile. In choosing this configuration, Amped Classics is also able to avoid modifications that would destroy the integrity of the 96-year-old historical vehicle. If one were to choose to put the original engine back in in the future, it could easily be done. Perhaps until then the engine will be on display for us to admire the engineering prowess of engineers nearly a century ago.

Amped Classics continues to rack up conversions, and is currently in the process of converting a Volkswagen Doka and Alfa Romeo GTV, and has already completed a Volvo 122 wagon.