ampREVOLT EV Conversion shop

Selling EV parts and creating conversions, ampREVOLT is owned by Brandon Hollinger. They’ve done several high-quality electric car conversions and Brandon sees electric vehicle conversions as “the ultimate in recycling” according to a BBC article.

“Imagine an assembly the size of an engine that contains not only the motor, but also the battery and electronics – and boom, labor costs are way down…I do see this as a promising direction. I could do the expensive builds forever and it’s fun but I would rather crack the code and make this available to more people.”

Brandon Hollinger, ampREVOLT Founder

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ampREVOLT started making their mark by converting a 1968 SAAB 96. The small vehicle is nicknamed “Highway Champ” and was originally powered by lead-acid batteries. Later they moved over to lithium ion cells and caused the vehicle to be not only twice as fast, but with three times the range to 130 miles. The fact that they are eyeing up another battery upgrade that is estimated to put them over the range of 300 miles suggests that battery technology – and their capabilities – is progressing swiftly.

They continued by converting small European vehicles from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, including a 1959 Fiat Jolly 500 and a 1970 Austin FX4 (aka a “London Black Cab”), as well as a Mazda Miata. These conversions appear to be of very high quality; not only are the vehicles themselves finely restored classics but the conversions are neat and tidy. It is obvious that much care has gone into their conversions.

ampREVOLT's SAAB 96 EV conversion

They’ve been in the electrification game for a while, having built the SAAB when lead-acid batteries were in vouge, and more than 89,000 miles have been put on that particular vehicle after the drivetrain swap. The London Black Cab was converted back in 2011. Brandon Hollinger has been featured in Time magazine in 2012. After seeing “Who Killed The Electric Car?” he became intrigued by the concept of converting electric vehicles. With no formal background as a mechanic, he was able to change a vintage SAAB into the electric car that he wasn’t seeing coming out of the big auto manufacturers at the time.

The conversions done by ampREVOLT appear to be of excellent quality. If you are able to get ampREVOLT to convert your vehicle, you are in good hands. However, this is not all they do.

ampREVOLT also is in the business of selling parts. On the ampREVOLT website, one can purchase batteries, battery accessories, Battery Management Systems (BMS), basically anything you need to convert your vehicle to electric they have. This includes used batteries, which seem to always be in high demand! Especially if you are on the East Coast, it could be useful to have a knowledgeable EV converter selling you parts – and, hopefully, lending some expertise.