Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd EV Car Company

They’ve been in the business of electric vehicles for over twenty years, creating a lot of commercial vehicles such as aircraft refueling vehicles and electric towing units. Most recently, they appear to be heavily promoting variations of their own little Kei-sized electric truck. While this is their bread and butter, creating specialty electric vehicles for places like airports, they do in fact offer custom electric vehicle conversion kits and electric-motor-to-transmission adapter plates.

It appears as if conversions are more of a sideshow to their primary work creating electric workhorses, but they certainly have created quite a number of conversions over the years. Most notable, perhaps, is their log car. Yes, an electric car that looks like a log. Canadians, what can we say? They’ve also helped convert a home-made electric sports-car, a carriage for NYC’s Central Park, and several Chevy S-10s. If you happen to live in Canada close to their headquarters, they appear to have about a dozen conversions under their belt and may be able to help you with yours.