EV Torque

EV Torque Electric Vehicle Conversion Company

EV Torque is keeping up the Australian tradition of sticking tons of horsepower in very small cars. Working mainly on Volkswagens, they primarily like to stick Tesla and Netgain motors into old-school air-cooled vee-dubs. They also will help you do your own conversion by providing parts and expertise, if you want to be the one putting in the wrench time.

Some recent projects by EV Torque

Notably, one of their older conversions is a 1992 Toyota Hilux with a Warp 9 motor and Open ReVolt (Cougar) 500 amp DC motor controller. The Warp 9 is about a 32 horsepower motor, so while this Hilux will move, it’s certainly not going to be the ripper that newer conversions can be.

Still, for an older conversion, it is very complete. It has electric hydraulic steering, vacuum-assisted brakes, and air-conditioning – which requires a fair bit of time and effort above and beyond a basic EV conversion to include. The batteries are Thunderstruck Thundersky 98 amp-hour batteries, arranged in a configuration that puts out about 150 volts. To charge all those batteries, the conversion uses a Zivan charger. There’s a circuit breaker, and importantly but often overlooked in EV conversions, a crash sensor. The goal of a crash sensor is to cut off all electricity by blowing a fuse if a crash has been detected.

They have a range of electric driveline packages that range from as little as 50 hp (for those who have very lightweight vehicles) to 650 hp.

To control all the electrons necessary for a conversion, they have created their own Battery Management System. While many manufacturers create BMS’s, EV-Torque is throwing their hat in the ring by creating a configurable BMS created specifically for DIY electric conversions. They are also a distributor for Netgain Motors, ZeroEV, HPEVS Motors, and EVolution Australia, which between them can provide all the parts necessary for a complete EV conversion.