Green Shed Conversions

Green Shed Electric Car Conversion

With a lot of steak and only a little sizzle, Green Shed Conversions delivers electric car conversions with a straightforward, no-nonsense vibe. Many conversion companies focus on upscale, polished classic vehicles – and in contrast, Green Shed Conversions isn’t afraid to show the gritty reality of converting any car to electric.

They aren’t afraid to show how the sausage is made, and it shows in how they offer their services. They offer not only full conversion, but partial and assisted ones as well. This means that you can choose to do some or all of the work with their supervision and know-how, giving you knowledge and experience along the way.

Originally started as, that shows owners Steve Clunn, Audrey Martin, and John Hallquist’s genuine mentality: just go out there and do it. In fact, they haven’t always been at their current location. During the recession of 2009, they took to the road and started doing conversions in people’s driveways and garages wherever they were at.

Now with over 20 years in the conversion business, they have a permanent shop in Crystal River, Florida. Their shop has been featured by the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, and it’s great footage of their varied projects in various stages of repair. What’s really cool is that their solar panels charge up their vehicles during the day!

If you don’t have a specific conversion vehicle in mind, they have a few in-progress projects and completed vehicles for sale in their “Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle” section. It’s worth a look to get an idea of what’s possible and possibly get a jump start on a conversion. For example, as of this writing there is a 1986 Corvette with two Warp 9 motors and a Zilla controller, “just add batteries,” for sale for $9,000. Considering a decent-condition Corvette will run you about $5,000, Warp 9 motors were about $2,500 each when new, and a Zilla controller runs about $4,000 new this is a heck of a pre-owned discount. And, it’s already installed!

Having converted over 180 cars and motorcycles, they really have bought into the grassroots mentality. No vaporware, no splashy professional photo shoots, just conversions of every stripe and color.