Zero EV

Zero EV Electric Vehicle Conversions

Primarily a provider of components, Zero EV also provides high-end conversions using Tesla-based components and their own control systems. That includes not only one-offs but production runs of many vehicles. If you’re looking to do more than one vehicle, they could be a great partner.

Their kits and components are worth mentioning. The first kit they created is for the Porsche 964 2C (a variant of the 911). With 440 brake-horsepower from a Tesla-sourced motor and a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds, your classic Porsche will have better-than-original performance. With a range of 180+ miles, the range isn’t half-bad either. Their kit includes the electric motor, battery boxes with a 53Kwh battery pack and Orion BMS (Battery Management System), and a charger capable of providing 80% range in just one hour.

Another kit they are currently developing is for the venerable Mazda MX-5. They are showing how the kit is developed by building a demonstration vehicle on their YouTube channel, from tip-to-tail. Kits generally cost more money than sourcing components yourself. The engineering time and effort that has gone into the Mazda Miata EV kit is evident. The result is quality components that clearly have taken a long time to develop. You’d likely save hundreds of hours purchasing their kit rather than attempting to design everything on your own, and end up with a more quality result to boot.

If you have two hands and a working brain, buying one of their kits could be just the ticket to straddling the difference between figuring it out on your own and paying someone to do all the work. In addition, if you are looking to convert a fair few classics of the same make and model, they could be a great engineering partner on such a project. Zero EV is likely going to continue making kits for other vehicles, so keep an eye on them for updates!