NetGain Hyper 9HV


The NetGain Hyper 9HV is Netgain’s “High Voltage” version of their popular Hyper 9 motor. The Hyper 9 itself does 100V, but the 9HV kicks that up to a nominal 144V.

This motor is a great all-rounder when it comes to size, weight, and power efficiency. It’s an AC motor, but not a more typical Surface Permanent Magnet (SPM) or Interior Permanent Magnet motor. It has a more-advanced Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) that combines traits of the other two, allowing for higher peak torque than other similar-sized AC induction motors. NetGain claims over 50% more torque. This is especially useful if you have a restricted “packaging envelope,” aka if your engine compartment is pretty dang small.

Moment Motors had a use case that fit that criteria perfectly. They took advantage of the double-ended motor shaft by slotting in two of these Hyper 9HV motors into their Factory Five Shelby Cobra shell, doubling up on all specs: 2x 221 nm torque, 2x 88 kW continuous power, you get the idea. From a packaging perspective, they even managed to slot one of the motors deep into the transmission tunnel, showing what can be done with these small units. With the combined power units, they have 236 horsepower in a sports car that will likely weigh in the neighborhood of 2,400 pounds. For comparison, the lauded 2021 Mazda Miata has 181 horsepower and weighs in at 2,341 pounds.